Maple 11" nominal banjo rim blank - 75.00

Maple 11
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A very simple item - 3 layers of ¼" approx maple rolled into a circle and glued together. The blank is just over 11" outside diameter and just over 9" inside diameter. This is an unfinished timber product. You need to turn it on a lathe to whatever size & depth you require. Typically, these are used to make 11" OD, 9 ½" ID rims about 2 ¾" deep - but there isn;t any rule that says you have to do that. Many makers of old-time banjos are now reverting to the sorts of rim thicknesses used in the early days of banjo making - these blanks can be turned down to ½" fairly easily and a bit thinner than that with care. We would always recommend that the finished article should be stained prior to lacquering/polishing as the natural colour of the wood is variable. The price shown includes VAT and postage & packing

Sorry, these are now classified as "Royal Mail - First Class Medium Parcels". The postage cost has doubled so we've had to increase the price to cover this.


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