EX-DEMO Grafton Clipper Lefty "ODE-style" P-200 open-back long-neck 5-string - 295.00

EX-DEMO Grafton Clipper Lefty
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Grafton Clipper Left handed "ODE-style" banjo is the basic instrument in the range of Grafton long-neck banjos. These instruments offer good banjo design at very affordable prices - here is the specification for the "ODE-style" open back model:- 11" cast aluminium alloy rim with 24 brackets and an integral tone ring - this is a heavy duty ribbed casting not to be confused with cheaper, lighter types. It has a 36mm-wide (at top nut) 25 fret neck with edge binding, two-way adjustable truss rod and hand-dressed fretting. It has a 32" scale for "E" tuning and 2-point neck attachment with twin co-ordinator rods for extra stability. It comes with good quality planetary tuners and a geared 5th string peg. It has a solid flat armrest and good quality "No-Knot" tailpiece. It comes with top grade strings & bridge. It is expertly built and set-up here in our own workshops for optimum playability - and it has plain but very acceptable finish & cosmetics. All this adds up to the best higher-grade entry-level/intermediate long-neck banjo available in the UK at the moment - for sound, playability and stability, nothing else in this price bracket comes close ....



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