Extra carriage charge - 10.00

Extra carriage charge
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This is a £10 charge which can cover the difference between the Zone 1 carriage charge (£15) and the Zone 2, 4, 5 & 6 carriage charge (£25) if you've accidentally selected the wrong zone when placing your order. As well as that, it can cover the difference in cost between standard & express delivery & Saturday delivery.

It can also cover the cost of sending a second parcel on an order; for instance, if you buy a banjo in a hard case AND a second empty hard care for a banjo you already have, the website system will only charge you the standard £15 carriage. As we can't get that much into a single parcel, a second parcel will be unavoidable - but it's a little cheaper if you send 2 parcels to the same address.


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