22-fret ready-slotted Banjo fingerboard - ebony - 80.00

22-fret ready-slotted Banjo fingerboard - ebony
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This is a beautifully made semi-finished banjo fingerboard. It is ideal for both restoration & new build work - we use this product a lot in our own workshops. The "nuts & bolts" - the scale length is a standard 26 3/16" approx scale. It's rectangular (approx 2" x 19 ½") and comes with the fret slots already cut. This makes it a fairly fragile item which must be handled with care until securely installed on a neck. The fingerboard is quite thick (about 3/16") and it's perfectly possible to install a shallow frailer's scoop if required. We've also had considerable success with staining this timber when using it for vintage restoration work - it can be "aged" quite nicely! Whilst this fingerboard is intended for 22-fret plectrum or 5-string banjos, we have sometimes found that it can be shortened (from the nut end, of course!) to fit on shorter-scale instruments. A good deal of careful measuring is required but it's far from impossible. When time allows, we'll post an article on this subject on the "Help Topics" page. The price shown includes VAT and postage & packing


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