Banjo flange plate set, 2-piece, nickel-plated - 18.00

Banjo flange plate set, 2-piece, nickel-plated
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This is a 2-piece set; a right-hand flange plate and a left-hand flange plate which are "mirror images" of one another

The plates have a total of 24 tension hook holes drilled at approx 1 ½" centres, ¼" in from the inner edge of the plate. Holes 12 & 13 (either side of the tailpiece) are at approx 1 7/8" centres but this is adjustable as the plates can be spaced a little farther apart or trimmed as necessary. The plates themselves are  1 1/32" wide so that the outer edge is 25/32" from the centre of the tension hook hole. If the plates are fitted flush against the side of an 11" rim, the approx outside diameter will be 13 1/8". If, as if is often the case, the holes in the bracket shoes are a little further out than ¼" (a 9/32" or 5/16" spacing is common on many types of bracket shoe), then the flange assembly will sit a bit futher out from the rim giving a slightly larger (approx 13 ¼") outside diameter.


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