Banjo 1-piece cast flange, nickel-plated - 30.00

Banjo 1-piece cast flange, nickel-plated
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A cast one-piece flange designed to be fitted to 11" banjos instead of bracket shoes. Please check the size carefully; it's different from the following item. The dimensions as as follows: External diameter: 335 mm (approx) Thickness at outer rim: 3mm (approx) Internal diameter at base of central boss: 273mm (approx) Thickness at central boss: 12mm (approx) Rebate in central boss to accommodate rim: 7mm deep x 3mm wide This item is intended for new work and your rim should be turned to fit the actual flange you will be using If using this item as a replacement on an existing instrument, you should be prepared to do some adjustment to the woodwork to ensure a snug fit The price shown includes VAT and postage & packing


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