(FT01) Set of 4 friction banjo or ukulele tuning pegs - cream plastic - 4.00

(FT01) Set of 4 friction banjo or ukulele tuning pegs - cream plastic
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A simple set of friction (un-geared) tuning pegs suitable for banjos, ukulele banjos and ukuleles. Fairly robust and very economical; suitable for replacing worn pegs on many old instruments.

These tuners are designed to fit pegheads from 10mm - 16mm thick approx; these dimensions can be modified by adding or removing washers and/or bushes and using set screws of different length. The shaft requires a 5mm diameter hole through the peghead. If you wish to use the bushes, the shaft holes needs to be counterbored to 7.5mm for a depth of 4mm from the face of the peghead. These dimensions work quite well for old instruments originally fitted with 1/8" diameter tuners - most of the original 1/8" diameter holes would be worn oval by now but reaming out to 5mm diameter will deal with all but the very worst of these.

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