Kinsman (bass guitar) Long neck 5-string banjo gig bag - 50.00

Kinsman (bass guitar) Long neck 5-string banjo gig bag
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This is a nicely-made zip-round padded gig bag primarily made for a bass guitar however this fit a longneck banjo confortably. It's a good, well-proven design that gives a good degree of protection at an economical price. It has a good long zip to make getting the banjo in & out as easy as possible; a good carry handle and rucksack straps as well. There are three zipped accessory pockets on the front of the bag. It will fit an 11" rim banjo. Inside the bag there is a soft removable neck and rim support for added protection.

Internal measurements are: Length: 47" (1193mm) Body Width: 13" (350mm) Neck Width: 6&½"(165mm) Height: 4" (101mm) These are nominal values and may be subject to slight manufacturing variations.




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