Godman Resonator 6-string Guitar Banjo - 245.00

Godman Resonator 6-string Guitar Banjo
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This is a brilliant example of how good a guitar banjo can be! It has an 11" cast alluminium rim with chrome-plated metalwork - 24 brackets and a 6 string No-Knot tailpiece. The plating is excellent. Fitted with a Remo Fibreskyn head.Truss rodded neck with a rosewood fingerboard and pearl dot position markers and a radious fretboard. Solid Gibson style armrest. Twin co-ordinator rods in rim for extra stability. Modern banjo fretting, nicely done & hand-dressed for an excellent playing surface. The action is set-up low but is adjustable as required. Fitted with guitar style geared tuners. This banjo has a pleasant tone suitable for any guitar tuning. Fitted with a removable convex resonator and four thumb screws.


FREE with this banjo: 1 set of top-quality spare strings.


Reduced price!!


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