Superior CD1536 12" open-back 5-string banjo case - 95.00

Superior CD1536 12
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This case is designed for higher-grade 12" rim diameter open-back 5-string banjos. It will fit a wide variety of models but the design allows no scope for wide pegheads - in general, only right-handed banjos with conventional planetary tuners and similar will fit in this case. It will fit some open-back plectrum banjos and some higher-grade zither banjos. The internal sizes are: 37 ¾" x 13" x 4 ¼" This is a very nicely-made hardshell case with a thick crushed-velour lining. It has 4 catches, 2 hinges and a nice quality padded leather handle as well as a large internal string compartment. A very nice & extremely solid case which will give good protection to an instrument.


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