Mahogany 5-string banjo neck - 85.00

Mahogany 5-string banjo neck
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The neck is a fairly standard 26 ¼" scale (approx 667 mm) and comes fretted with a truss rod already installed under the rosewood fingerboard. The overall length of the fingerboard is 19 1/8" (approx 486mm), the width at the top nut is 1 3/16" (approx 30mm)and at the 22nd fret is 1 15/16" (approx 49mm). The tuner holes are drilled and (unusually) the heel has been profiled by us to fit an 11" straight-sided rim at the correct angle for a sensible size bridge. The notch for the tension ring is ¼" wide (approx 6.3mm) by ¾" deep (approx 19mm) and the overall depth of the heel is 2 11/16" (approx 68m)

The necks are usually supplied with 2 M6 lag bolts fitted to the heel for fixing to a banjo rim - these are easily removed at need so that the holes can be filled and the heel can be re-drilled for a different kind of fixing.

The fingerboard is quite thick and it's perfectly possible to pull the last few frets and install a frailer's scoop if required.

This is a very useful neck - we use lots of them as replacement necks on vintage banjos where the original neck has failed; fitting a perch pole is quite straightforward (especially if you can pull the original one and re-use it) and the mahogany is quite light in colour so that it will accept a wide variety of stains to match up the colour to an old time rim. Having said that, it's also a useful neck for new build banjos and can make a very nice little first banjo when fitted to an appropriate modern rim.


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