Grafton Clipper "wide neck" open-back 5-string banjo w/cutaway & calfskin head - 475.00

Grafton Clipper
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Grafton "Clipper" banjos are the next step in the range that will offer all the best features in banjo design at very affordable prices - here is the specification for the "Clipper" open back model with genuine calfskin vellum head:- 11" x 15mm thick maple rim with 24 brackets and a brass tone ring; 18 fret truss-rodded neck with edge binding and hand-dressed fretting + frailer's scoop where the top 4 frets would normally be; 2-point neck attachment with twin co-ordinator rods for extra stability; vintage style planetary tuners and a geared 5th string peg; solid armrest and good quality "No-Knot" tailpiece; top grade strings & bridge; expertly set-up for optimum playability - and plain but very acceptable finish & cosmetics.

FREE with this banjo: 1 set of top-quality spare strings, a capo (for the 4 long strings) & a pair of fitted capo spikes (for the 5th string).

All this adds up to the best-specified model at this kind of price available in the UK at the moment - for sound, playability and stability, nothing else in this price bracket comes close .... ....This was formerly a custom model that we built to order but it's proved to be so popular that it's now being listed as a "regular" model

Built in the UK from imported parts. Get a great sounding banjo with all the design quality that you really need to get started on banjo - but at much the same price as many other brands that have few (or none) of these features.

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