(RF03) "Gibson" style banjo resonator fixing set, small size, nickel plated with woodscrew thread - 12.00

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Full description & dimensions for small size thumbscrew resonator fixing set with woodscrew thread

"T" plate - 47mm wide approx x 21mm deep at the widest part; the 2 holes in the widest part are approx 5mm diameter and are spaced at approx 36mm centres - this gives some room for manoeuvre when the hook spacing isn't exactly right. The deeper part of the "T" is approx 17mm wide and has a 10mm long x 4.5mm wide slot about 3.5mm in from the outside edge through which the thumbscrew passes.

Wall lugs - these are 10mm hexagonal section approx 11mm long; the tapped (M4 x 0.7 pitch) hole is slightly closer to the outer end than to the resonator rim wall. The wall lug has woodscrew thread stud (approx 8mm long x 4mm diameter) which screws directly into the resonator rim wall (always best to drill a pilot hole - and check the size on a piece of waste wood first - mahogany can be a great deal softer than maple).

Thumbscrews - these are approx 30mm long> The head is 12mm long x 10mm diameter at its widest part; the threaded section is approx 18mm long x 4mm diameter. The thread is M4 x 0.7 pitch and runs nicely in the wall lugs provided. These thumbscrews will fit any other type of wall lug with the same (M4 x 0.7) pitch - but it's useful to note that many of the older Far Eastern wall lugs are M4 x 0.75 pitch, so they won't fit even though they look as though they ought to .......

The finish is nickel - it's more satin than shiny as supplied but the parts will buff up quite a lot if required.


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