5-string banjo string set for Travel & "C" scale short-neck banjos - medium-heavy gauge - 4.10

5-string banjo string set for Travel &
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Set of strings for 5-string Travel & "C" scale short-neck banjos. This set is medium-heavy gauge - sizes are .011", .013", .017", .026"W, .011" This set will (just about) tune to open C on 20" scale banjo but will go down by 2 - 3 semitones for a fairly reasonable open "A" or "Bb" tuning The plain strings are stainless steel and the wound string is nickel-wound stainless steel - all with loop-ends Top quality, UK-made, strings packed in a plain recyclable paper packets marked with the gauge These strings are made specially for us and have large loops which will fit easily onto the vast majority of banjo tailpieces Price shown includes VAT Postage & packing is free on orders totalling £10 or more Orders under £10 in total are subject to a £3 Postage & packing/handling charge which will be added at the checkout. You can combine any mix of products on this website to make up a £10 order.


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