Ukulele banjo string set - tenor light gauge white nylon - 6.40

Ukulele banjo string set - tenor light gauge white nylon
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Set of white nylon strings for tenor scale Ukulele banjos. This set is light gauge - sizes are .019", .024", .028", .019" (due to low stock of gauge .020 we have swapped them to .019. This will only make a very subtle difference). This set will to tune to EAC#F# or FBbDG on tenor scale Ukulele banjos but will go up to GCEA The strings are are plain nylon. Top quality, UK-made, packed in a plain recyclable paper packets marked with the gauge These strings are made specially for us. They will fit easily onto the vast majority of banjo tailpieces with a simple knot - though there are quite a few fancy knots you can use if you've a mind to research them! Price shown includes VAT Postage & packing is free on orders totalling £10 or more Orders under £10 in total are subject to a £3 Postage & packing/handling charge which will be added at the checkout. You can combine any mix of products on this website to make up a £10 order.


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