(TP19) "Straightline" style chrome plated banjo tailpiece - 25.00

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A nice two-piece tailpiece of modern design.

The saddle attaches to the banjo by means of a single nut & bolt through the angle at the bottom; the cover plate is attached to the saddle with a hinge. There are 5 string lugs on the back of the cover plate. There is a screw provided in the back of the cover plate to alter the angle between the saddle and the cover plate.

This is a nice tailpiece ideal for modern 5-string banjos and some older types. Owing to the string spacing, it isn't really suitable for 4-string banjos at all.

Dimensions: Length (front to back): 67mm, Width (at widest point) 47mm: Depth (from top of tension ring) 30mm

Supplied with a 30mm x M4 fixing nut + bolt

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