(TP03A) "Scallop-shell" nickel-plated zither banjo tailpiece - 12.00

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A better quality one-piece tailpiece as found on loads of zither banjos.

This one has 8 string pins so it's ideal for a zither mandolin banjo - but it can be used for 4- or 5-string types too.

It is attached to the back of the banjo rim by means of 3 small screws (supplied).

It is only designed to fit zither style banjos (where the hardware fits inside a smooth wooden outer rim) - it is possible to modify it to fit other types but it's not easy.

This is a nice solid tailpiece ideal for replacing similar tailpieces on various types of zither banjo.

The part that goes down the outside of the banjo and is attached with 3 small screws is about 33mm deep X 50mm wide. The part that goes out over the head is about 50mm wide x 45mm long.

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