Pilgrim VPUB4 "Performer" open-back concert-scale ukulele banjo with vellum head - 285.00

Pilgrim VPUB4
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Pilgrim VPB04 "Performer" is a nicely-made entry-level/intermediate ukulele banjo at an affordable price. Here is the specification:- 8" x 13mm thick walnut rim with calf skin vellum head, 12 brackets. 17 fret (15 ½" scale) neck (30mm wide at top nut) with edge binding and hand-dressed fretting for an excellent playing surface. 2-point neck attachment for good stability. Good quality planetary tuners. Neat little "easy-fit" uke banjo tailpiece. Top grade strings & bridge. Expertly set-up for optimum playability - and a plain but very acceptable finish & cosmetics. This ukulele features a woddentop like the Claraphone banjos from 1930.


FREE with this banjo: POD gig bag, tutorial book, 2 sets of top-quality spare strings, 2 felt plectrums and a fitted banjo strap.

A decent entry-level/intermediate open-back concert-scale ukulele banjo.



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