Schatten BJ02 banjo pick-up - pre-fitted into your instrument - 100.00

Schatten BJ02 banjo pick-up - pre-fitted into your instrument
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This is a listing to enable you to order a Schatten BJ02 banjo pick-up to be pre-fitted into your new banjo before despatch. The Schatten BJ02 is a wonderful piezo-ceramic transducer that fits directly under the middle foot of a 3-leg banjo bridge. It weighs very little and is slightly smaller than the typical banjo bridge foot. It delivers a clear, faithful reproduction of the acoustic tone of your banjo and neither "colours" the sound nor affects the acoustic tone of your banjo. The feedback resistance is very good and there is plenty of signal to drive a standard electric guitar amplifier or one of the more sophisticated "acoustic" types. If running directly into a PA, it will require a pre-amp/DI box just like an electric guitar. As there is no practical place to put tone controls on a banjo, it is often simplest to use this pick-up in conjunction with a Pre-Amp/EQ floor pedal. Whilst this is not the cheapest banjo pick-up on the market, its quality, simplicity and ruggedness make it excellent value for money.

The price shown includes VAT and fitting into whichever banjo you are purchasing from us

DIY fitting versions of this pick-up are shown below.


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