Sliding Mag banjo pick-up - pre-fitted to your banjo - 95.00

Sliding Mag banjo pick-up - pre-fitted to your banjo
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This is a listing to enable you to order a Sliding Mag banjo pick-up to be pre-fitted into your new banjo before despatch. The Sliding Mag pick-up is a very simple idea - a specially wound magnetic humbucker pick-up which is securely mounted just under the banjo head. As it doesn't touch the banjo head, it does not affect the acoustic tone of your banjo in any way. It will deliver a very powerful signal which will drive pretty well any standard electric guitar amplifier. A volume control is normally fitted but can be omitted if not required. The tone isn't quite a pure acoustic banjo sound but the feedback resistance is very impressive; perhaps more suited to players in bands which are not "100% traditional". It will drive many guitar "effects" pedals quite nicely - though not everyone would be altogether delighted with the sound of a 5-string banjo through an overdrive pedal ! This item is not offered for DIY fitting as it's quite a specialised job to get the pick-up securely mounted in exactly the right place. This pick-up can be fitted to the vast majority of modern banjos with twin metal co-ordinator rods securing the neck. For other types of banjo (those with wooden perch poles, for instance, or single metal rod neck fitting), please enquire before ordering this item.

The price shown includes VAT and fitting into whichever banjo you are purchasing from us


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