Gold Tone ABS-C Condenser Mic system for Banjo (Multi-instrument mic/pick up) - 150.00

Gold Tone ABS-C Condenser Mic system for Banjo (Multi-instrument mic/pick up)
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The ABS-C combines a condenser microphone with a compact gooseneck coupled to a shock mounted adjustable bracket that has no exposed wiring. This mic requires phantom power from your sound system, acoustic amp, or an add-on box (available from several different sources such as Rapco, Horizon, Peavey etc.) and includes a three-pin cable. The ABS-C accurately captures the sound of your banjo at the precise spot you prefer for the tone you're after, without the annoyance of extraneous vibrations. ABS-C can be moved from one instrument to another in seconds and comes in a neoprene carrying case.

The main advantages of the ABS-C is there is much more gain. With the phantom power circuitry, the coil of the mic is more active resulting in at least twice the gain in any dynamic mic. Using the condenser your gain levels, pre-amped guitars and vocal condensers will be equal, which a sound engineer will find much more convenient.

The ABS-2 system includes the necessary 3-pin XLR cable. Note: The 'Gold Tone ABS-2' Preamp is not compatible with the ABS-C condenser microphone. Not to worry though as most acoustic amplifiers have phantom power which will enable you to use this microphone system.


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