Grafton MBR #2 Mandolin resonator banjo - 395.00

Grafton MBR #2 Mandolin resonator banjo
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A new addition to the Grafton mandolin banjo family.

Built here in the UK from imported parts. It has a heavy 11” cast aluminium alloy rim with an integral tone ring & twin co-ordinator rods; chrome plated metalwork, 24 brackets and an Old Waverley tailpiece. The plating is nicely done & it's fitted with a Fibreskyn head. The maple neck is slightly wider than other Chinese models with a bound rosewood fingerboard and "dot" position markers. The scale length is 13 ¾” with 17 frets. Modern mandolin fretting, well executed and hand-dressed for an excellent playing surface. The action is set-up low but is adjustable as required. Fitted with nice quality 4-on-a-plate mandolin tuners. Finished in satin lacquer, nicely done. The resonator is the standard convex type fitted to a one piece flange with four thumb screws.

This banjo is professionally built here in the UK and has twin co-ordinator rods (for great tuning stability) and produces a warm, loud tone.


A suitable mandolin banjo for the beginner or for an experienced player who needs extra volume. Unlike many mandolin banjos, this instrument is easy to tune; it stays in tune well, it has good intonation, it produces a pleasant tone and has a lovely action as well. A nice little bit of kit! Weighs about 6 ½ lbs.


FREE with this banjo: A spare set of strings, 4 plectrums.



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