Grafton P200 fretless open-back 5-string banjo - 345.00

Grafton P200 fretless open-back 5-string banjo
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Here is the specification for this fretless model:

11" heavy cast alloy rim with period-style hardware; bevelled tension ring, 24 brackets and an integral tone ring. Standard spec is for a Remo Fiberskyn head but you can have this banjo fitted with a calfskin vellum head if you prefer (just ask when ordering - £30 extra). It has a mahogany neck with a double-action truss-rod. The fingerboard is polished rosewood. It has 2-point neck attachment with single co-ordinator rod and an added lag bolt for extra stability. It's fitted with vintage style planetary tuners and a matching geared 5th string peg. It has a solid armrest and a hand made wooden tailpiece. It comes fitted with top grade nylon strings. It can be fitted with steel if required (please email and specify which you prefer) & bridge and is expertly set-up for optimum playability. It has plain but very acceptable finish & cosmetics.


Now featuring a traditional looking metal plate on the headstock.


FREE with this banjo: 1 set of top-quality spare strings.


All this adds up to one of the best entry-level/intermediate fretless banjos available in the UK at the moment - for sound, playability and stability, few banjos in this price bracket come close ....


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