(TU11) Individual "2-BAND" chrome-plated planetary banjo tuner with pale cream period-style plastic button - 10.00

(TU11) Individual
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Peghead shaft hole size = 9.5 mm

Peghead thickness - min = 13.5 mm

Peghead thickness - max = 17.0 mm

Gear housing size - diameter = 16.0 mm

Gear housing size - depth = 9.6 mm

String hole distance from back of peghead = 22.0 mm

Button distance from back of peghead = 39.0 mm

These dimensions are taken from actual products (rather than manufacturer's spec sheets) but individual items may slightly vary from this - it's impossible to check & verify every product before it goes out. These figures are therefore not guaranteed 100% accurate - if you have a specific requirement on sizes, please contact us before ordering.


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