Grafton Clipper A open-back 5-string banjo with cutaway - 545.00

Grafton Clipper A open-back 5-string banjo with cutaway
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Each one is individually produced in the UK from high quality imported parts; each banjo is expertly built and set-up by a banjo-playing craftsman.

The Clipper A is expertly set-up for optimum playability and sound before it leaves us - many customers are amazed at just how good our basic Clipper is! As and when your playing requires (and your budget allows!) a move to a higher level, you won't have to sell or trade-in this banjo and get another. Just contact us to for help to decide what’s most appropriate for your needs and return the banjo for rebuilding to any one of our higher specifications (or something different if you prefer).

The cosmetics of this banjo are plain but very acceptable; you won’t get a “luthier standard” finish but it’s much better than most mass-produced banjos. The finish starts off satin but will age with use to a fine sheen (quite like a vintage banjo). If required, we can polish the back of the neck to a super-smooth "well played-in" finish before sending out the banjo - please contact us for details.


Here's the technical stuff:-

Scale length: 26.25" with 19 frets - the cutaway replaces the top 3 frets

Rim: 11" diameter x 15mm thick laminated maple

Brackets: 24 x heavy-duty brackets with 24 notch heavy-duty tension ring

Tone ring: Rolled brass tone ring 11" diameter x 10mm deep x 4mm thick

Head: Standard Remo 11" head

Neck: Solid maple neck with separate wide hardwood fingerboard; diamond-shaped position markers; solid 2 point neck-to-rim fixing

Binding: Smooth ABS binding down both sides of the neck with dot position markers

Truss Rod: Double action steel truss rod, fully adjustable in either direction

Fretting: 18 frets, carefully levelled, crowned, polished and hand-dressed for smooth playability

Top nut: Bone, precision hand-slotted for the gauge of strings fitted for optimum action at the first fret

Neck attachment: 2-point neck attachment with twin co-ordinator rods for optimum stability

Tuners; Good quality planetary tuners with 4:1 ratio; worm-geared 5th string peg

Armrest: Solidly mounted Gibson-style armrest

Tailpiece: Good quality "No Knot" style

Strings: Brand-new, top-grade hand-made strings (Standard gauges 10/12/14/22w/10 but you can specify something different when ordering if you prefer). Standard set-up/tuning for this banjo is GDGBD. Alternate set-ups/tunings are available - just say what you'd like when ordering. There is no extra charge for this service.

Bridge: Top quality maple and ebony bridge, precision hand-slotted for optimum playability and action

All this adds up to a proper 5-string open-back banjo that will last you many years

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