*Christmas offer* Ozark 2035 flat plate resonator ukulele banjo. - 245.00

*Christmas offer* Ozark 2035 flat plate resonator ukulele banjo.
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Ozark 2035 specification.

It has an 8" mahogany rim and aged brass finish metalwork - 12 tension brackets and a simple tailpiece. The plating is well done & quite attractive. Fitted with a Remo head. The neck has a bound rosewood fingerboard with position markers. The scale length is 15 ½" with 18 frets. Modern banjo fretting, nicely done and hand-dressed for a very good playing surface. The action is set-up low but is adjustable as required. Fitted with minature guitar-style geared tuners, The neck is finished in a dark satin lacquer which matches the body & resonator nicely - the finish is good. Overall, this is a pleasant little uke banjo and sets up nicely for GCEA tuning. It has a fairly bright tone and is suitable for many converting wooden ukulele players. A solid little banjo which plays well and sounds better than you'd expect (there's all the difference in the world between one of these with the "andybanjo set-up" and one straight out of the box from the factory). It would suit a beginner very well.



FREE with this banjo: gig bag, tutorial book, tuner, strap, 1 set of spare strings and felt pick.



Christmas offer. Ozark 2035 uke banjo with gig bag, tuner, tutorial book, strings and pick.


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