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Easy ordering and payment

You can order from this website on-line, by e-mail, by phone or by post. The prices are exactly the same whichever way you order (but please see eBay / Paypal below).

Easy banjo ordering online

There are lots of standard instruments, outfits, cases, gig bags, parts and accessories shown on-line and you can simply click to buy any combination of them. There are inevitably some clients who will require variations on a standard item; for instance, a banjo with a different kind of head from the standard model or a left-handed version of a 4-string banjo. This is no problem for us to do (in many cases there will be no extra charge) but such orders do need to be placed (at least initially) by phone, e-mail or post.

If you are not paying for an order on-line or over the phone with a card, an e-mail or phone request will put the item you want on "hold" for a short period to give you time to arrange payment by some other method. This is often useful with the vintage and used items offered on this website where each item is, by definition, unique and unrepeatable.

If you want an instrument held for 30 days until you can come to the Banjo Works to try it out, you have to pay a 10% non-refundable deposit immediately. We�re very sorry that we can�t do this kind of thing where there is a �limited-time� special promotion offer being run by a particular manufacturer; it breaches the terms under which we get the discounted instruments.

The Banjo Works accepts most forms of credit/debit card (except Amex/Diners). For on-line orders, the payments are processed through the SagePay/HSBC gateway which uses a bewildering variety of high-security software and complies with SecurityMetrics certification (no, we don�t understand it either). We think this is why it sometimes throws a fit if you try to order a parcel to be delivered to a different address from the registered card address. If it does that to you, ring us up and we�ll do our best to work round it. With phone orders, we have a trusty little terminal that is usually very reliable except when it decides to start chewing up the paper till roll (which is tedious, but not difficult, to sort out).

If you have any queries about how to order or pay for anything, please contact us.

eBay / Paypal

From time to time, we dispose of odd items on Ebay - things like redundant banjo rims and resonators, odd spare necks, secondhand banjo components etc. As the Ebay system requires that sellers accept payment by PayPal, we obviously comply with that - but, as a general rule, we don�t accept PayPal for normal sales from the website. The reason for this is the same as for American Express - the commission and handling charges are significantly higher than for Visa/Mastercard. We wouldn�t be very keen on increasing prices to all customers (surcharges or differential pricing are not allowed) to cover the extra charges involved - but we couldn�t afford to absorb either!

At the present time, we only ship to addresses in the UK and the Republic of Ireland
If you have any queries or questions about particular instruments in this catalogue, please feel free to contact us.

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