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Claims procedure for damage in transit - Fedex Parcel deliveries.


The incidence of damage in transit is very low - but it bears repeating that there is no such thing as a perfect delivery system. Parcels should always be examined before being "signed-for" and any obvious damage should be noted on the record of delivery. Most carriers' receipts say something like "received in good order & condition" on them - if you sign that without making any remark, it may prejudice a claim for damage in transit. Parcels should always be opened straight away to check that the contents are intact. Any loss or damage should be reported at once ... by 3pm on the day following delivery at the latest. Most people would do this as a matter of course but it's worth noting that Carriers and their Insurers are now much less inclined to stretch a point (especially in the matter of timely notification) so that it's now essential to observe the procedures carefully ........ We're now putting a "reminder" sticker on all parcels so that we don't get any more "timed-out" claims ... The normal procedure for new items of normal stock would be that Fedex would bring a replacement parcel as soon as practicable and would take away the (carefully re-packed) damaged item at the same time. The claim is then dealt with between us and the Fedex Claims Dept and there would normally be no further need for the customer to be involved. In the case of used or vintage items (where a direct replacement would probably not be available) the procedure would be either for a suitable substitute to be sent or (if that cannot be done) for the parcel to be collected and returned here for a refund. The aim is always, of course, for there to be no need for such procedures to be used; we put a lot of effort in packing your purchase as carefully & safely as possible. However, we all have to accept that accidents will occasionally happen and that's why we have a detailed procedure for dealing with them. Ifyou have any queries or concerns about this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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