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Part Exchanges (Trade-Ins)

Part-exchanges (trade-ins) are welcome at the Banjo Works. Any kind of banjo can be part-exchanged against a purchase - but we only take banjos. There is no limit on how many banjos you can part-exchange in a single transaction. Equally, the condition of the part-exchange items isn�t an issue; pretty well any kind of banjo - from a pristine �as new� item to an assortment of bits in a bin bag - has a value to us!

Banjo part exchange

Banjo part exchange - callers

For personal callers at the Banjo Works, it�s very simple - bring along your banjo, banjos or remains of banjos; it�s not that unusual for us to get several black plastic sacks full of bits of assorted banjos. We�ll examine whatever it is and give you a �trade-in price� to set against the cost of whatever you�d like to buy. With the amount of repair work that we do, most types of banjo (even if seriously deteriorated or fallen to bits) have some value to us even if it's only for spare parts.

Banjo part exchange - mail order

For those who live too far way for a personal visit to be practical, the system is quite simple. Select whatever you want to buy from the on-line catalogue and pay for it in the normal way. At the same time (more or less), please phone or e-mail to let us know that you may be wanting to do a part-exchange against this purchase. We can then make a note of this on the order sheet; this isn't essential but it does make the process a bit quicker.

When you get the banjo from us, you should try it out and make sure that it suits you. If it doesn�t, please see the paragraph below about returns. If it does suit you, you can re-use the packaging in which the new banjo was delivered to wrap up your part-exchange item/items and post it/them to us. ParcelForce 48 service from your local Post Office is a good, simple-to-use service but we don�t insist on it - there are plenty of others. We�ll then contact you to agree a valuation which we�ll refund to whatever card you used to pay for the new item.

If you want to try to sell your old banjo / banjos / bits of banjo privately, that�s no problem. There isn�t a strict time limit on sending in the part-exchange items so you can have a go at this - and still do the part-exchange it it�s not successful. You could try on Gumtree for a couple of weeks, then have a go on Ebay and still do a part-exchange afterwards if it doesn't work out for you.

Pricing Guidelines

People often ask for a guideline about possible part-exchange values. Up to a point, the part-exchange value will always reflect the cost of the banjo you have purchased; as you might expect, the dearer the banjo, the better you are likely to do. For current models of modern banjos that are still available, it�s fairly simple. Banjos in first class second-hand condition will trade-in at between one third and one half the current selling price for a brand new item of the same type. Banjos in less than first-class condition will fetch correspondingly less. It�s worth bearing in mind that selling prices for some kinds of new banjos may vary widely so it may be necessary to do a bit of research on this. The actual trade-in price cannot be fixed until the instrument itself has been physically inspected & played here at the Banjo Works; we simply can't give you firm trade-in price on an instrument that we haven't seen "in the flesh".

Guidelines for other instruments aren�t so easy. As a broad rule of thumb, older modern items will generally be worth a bit less than the current equivalent model - sadly, a 30-year-old Japanese banjo isn�t necessarily superior to (or more valuable than) its modern Chinese equivalent. For vintage banjos, it really is impossible to give anything more than the vaguest kind of guideline - there are far too many variables to be considered. This kind of banjo has to be sent to us for a proper appraisal to get an accurate figure.


If the banjo that you are sent doesn�t suit you, simply return it for exchange or refund. There doesn�t have to be anything wrong with it for you to get this exchange or refund - it is your statutory right to return goods purchased on-line or by mail-order if they don�t suit you. You can do this without having to give any reason at all - all traders (including ourselves) like to know why things have come back; but you don�t have to say anything more than �I changed my mind�. The regulations give you 7 days to determine whether the goods suit you - we go a bit further and give you 14 days. Despite what you may see on other website about the �right to return�, we regard it as being effectively an �on approval� system. We would much prefer customers to return banjos that they don�t like and get something that suits them - all we ask is that you cover the carriage costs.

At the present time, we only ship to addresses in the UK and the Republic of Ireland
If you have any queries or questions about particular instruments in this catalogue, please feel free to contact us.

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