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1 Banjo initial set-up - the Banjo Works' way of doing it
Banjo initial set-up

New banjos very often (some would say �invariably�) require a fairly complicated set-up procedure to get them playing at their best. Few factories carry out anything more than fairly rudimentary set-up work and even fine hand-made banjos can settle in transit and need �tweaking up� on arrival with the proud new owner. The Banjo Works carries out an extremely thorough set-up job on all the banjos offered for sale (whether new or used) and can perform the same service on banjos purchased elsewhere.

To give you an idea of the extent of the work normally done, a routine set-up job at the Banjo Works would include:

Hopefully this helps to explain why the Banjo Works' set-up jobs take rather longer (and are thus a bit more expensive) than guitar set-up jobs. The end result is well worth having - a properly set-up banjo is a completely different beast from the run-of-the-mill �music shop� instrument.

This sort of service costs between £60 – £120 (depending on the type of instrument) - but is provided free of charge on every banjo (new or used) that is purchased from the Banjo Works. Typical prices quoted as at December 2015.

This service can sometimes be provided on a �same day� basis for those who want to bring their instrument to the Banjo Works - strictly by prior appointment. Banjos have to arrive here fairly early in the day to be able to be properly done and got ready for collection by the end of the day. For those who prefer to bring and leave their instrument or to send it in by post or carrier, the return carriage charge is �15 to most UK postcodes (please consult the table of delivery charges for the cost to outlying areas).

2 Banjo Maintenance set-ups at the Banjo Works
Banjo maintenance

You can keep your banjo playing and sounding at its best with regular maintenance � much like having your car serviced.

Banjos, being made of lots of different parts, have an inherent tendency to move around with the vibrations created by playing them. Threads come loose, parts stretch, nuts, bridges and frets wear down and all manner of small bits and pieces need adjustment.

This can be compared to the normal processes of wear and tear on a motor vehicle - you need to have your banjo (as well your car!) serviced from time to time. Even the most beautifully and carefully made instruments will need a periodic "set-up" to keep them playing at their best.

If you�re not able to do this kind of work for yourself, the simplest thing to do this is to bring your instrument to the Banjo Works. You'll need to make an appointment in advance and will probably need to come fairly early in the day if you want a "same day" job. Your banjo will be carefully examined by an expert who will determine what needs to be done and you�ll get a cost estimate right away.

In most cases, it will be a matter of a few adjustments, a general "tightening-up" and the replacement of a couple of inexpensive but vital parts. This can often be done on a "same day" basis and normally costs between £60 and £120, depending on the type of banjo and what needs to be done. Typical prices quoted as at December 2015.

If you can't bring your banjo personally to the Banjo Works, you can send it by post or carrier (a well packed banjo is very robust - "mummify" it in bubblewrap and put them in a stout cardboard box). ParcelForce 48 service from your local Post Office is often the simplest way but there are lots of inexpensive parcel carriers around these days. An expert will carefully examine your banjo, determine what needs to be done & contact you with an estimate of the cost. If you�re happy with that, the work will then be carried out. Your banjo will be returned to you by Fedex. This is the same reliable service that the Banjo Works uses for all deliveries. This costs just £15 to most UK postcodes (remote areas cost more - same rates as for the standard delivery service). Your banjo will then arrive back with you in peak playing order!

Banjo repair

Banjo Repairs at Banjo Works

If your banjo has fallen over, had a knock or is playing badly, it may need rather more than just a "set-up" job. The system is much the same as for "set-ups" except that it is less likely (though not impossible) that the job can be done on a "while-you-wait" basis. It all depends on what needs to be done.

Most jobs can be turned round fairly quickly but it always depends on exact extent of the repairs needed. Costs vary according to the work necessary but will always be fully estimated and agreed before the work is carried out. Things like new top nuts, new heads, re-frets, replacement tuners etc are routine and reasonably priced - jobs like repairing/replacing broken necks or fitting new fingerboards do tend to be more expensive and to take longer.

We require a 50% deposit on acceptance of the estimate to confirm the job with the balance payable on collection/prior to despatch.

Banjo restoration

Banjo Restorations at the Banjo Works

Banjos which have deteriorated to the point where they are barely playable (or even unplayable) can be restored by the expert staff at the Banjo Works.

Many such banjos will need a complete rebuild and restoration. This can often be less expensive than you might think as compared to buying another, similar instrument in good condition.

It is usually cost effective on most classic instruments unless they are very badly battered indeed � and for treasured �family heirloom� pieces, we can (and have) rebuilt a lovely playing instrument from a most unprepossessing bin bag of bits. Not cheap but family history is sometimes priceless.

The system is much as for "set-ups" & "repairs" except that restorations always take a while. An approximate delivery date is always provided with the estimate for the costs - but the date cannot be guaranteed. It must be understood that the timing of major restoration jobs always has to be flexible - instruments which have lain unused for many decades can prove to be curiously reluctant when it comes to persuading them to come apart. The Banjo Works always uses non-destructive methods (for instance, when removing old frets or fingerboards) - and these methods can sometimes take much longer than �brute force & ignorance�. Such is life - if you do want a particular family heirloom restored for a significant anniversary or birthday, it�s best to ensure that it comes for an estimate well in advance of the date!

With these kinds of major restoration jobs, we require a 50% deposit to confirm acceptance of the estimate with the balance payable on collection/prior to despatch.

Additionally, because of the significant amount of time that has to be put into preparing comprehensive and detailed estimates for these kinds of jobs, we have to reserve the right to make a modest charge to cover the time spent in the event that an estimate is not accepted.

People sometimes ask if we can do a �minimum price� job just to get an instrument playing; this really isn�t the kind of work that we do. Our estimates always cover everything that is necessary for the banjo to go out of here playing and sounding as it should. Any restoration job from the Banjo Works will have been done to the highest possible standards; that�s what we�re known for. We never do �half-a-job�.

Other banjo work

Conversions and other types of work at The Banjo Works

In addition to "set-ups", "repairs" and "restorations", the Banjo Works also carries out conversions and modifications (please see the list below for some examples). Whatever sort of job you want done, contact the Banjo Works for an estimate!

It's worth bearing in mind that the Banjo Works has large stocks of both new, reproduction and genuine period spare parts. The Banjo Spares and Accessories catalogue shows a great many of the new and reproduction parts but cannot show the vintage parts on the site - there are simply too many of them. Vintage banjos can often be restored using genuine period parts which are identical to lost originals. This is a good deal more economical than having to make brand new reproduction parts from scratch - though that too can be done if need be!

The experience and expertise of the Banjo Works is substantial. There is no exact record of the number of banjos that have been set-up, rebuilt, refurbished or restored over the years. The new and used banjos done for �stock� run to something over 15,000 banjos but this leaves out the set-up, repair & restoration jobs done on customer's instruments. These probably add something like a third as many again. By now, there are very few types of banjo that haven't come through the workshop. Every job that comes in gets the benefit of this level of experience and expertise which few people in the UK could match.

Some typical conversion jobs

At the present time, we only ship to addresses in the UK and the Republic of Ireland
If you have any queries or questions about particular instruments in this catalogue, please feel free to contact us.

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