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Please scroll down the list below - and yes, we do know that some of these items aren't actually wooden but it seemed the logical place to list them!

Cast aluminium-alloy flat-top 11

Cast aluminium-alloy flat-top 11" banjo rim - 55.00

OK, this item isn't actually made of wood - but the vast majority of banjo rims are made from wood and it didn't seem to make sense to leave it out of this section of the website. This is a very handy banjo rim not to be confused with the cheap thin castings used on so many entry-level instruments. This is a solid casting with internal ribs and an integral tone chamber which derives directly from the cast alloy rims developed in the USA in the 1950's. This one works best as the basis for a 5-string banjo - it's strong & heavy and gives a surprisingly good tone. For open-back banjos, we generally fit a Fibreskyn head which gives a rich, mellow tone. For bluegrass banjos, we use a standard frosted top and get a very acceptable crisp, clear sound. Whilst we wouldn't claim any great degree of sophistication for this item, it can make a much better sound than many of the less elevated wooden rims. One surprising use is for mandolin banjos - we've used loads of them to make budget mandolin banjos with Fibreskyn heads - the sound really is a revelation; actually quite pleasant (those who know about mandolin banjo may find this hard to believe but it's true!) The ribs are spaced for a 24-bracket format but it's quite possible to do other arrangements if required. The price shown includes VAT and postage & packing

These are now classified as "Royal Mail - First Class Medium Parcels". The postage cost has doubled so we've had to increase the price to cover this.

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Custom Spun 11

Custom Spun 11" Banjo rim - POA

Custom 3ply 11" maple rim with a 4 piece ebony cap. Wall thickness up to 5/8" and can be made adjusted to specific banjo neck depth.

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